David Fletcher

Founder, CEO New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

Affordable New Home Sales Training For Real Estate Agents. 6,000 graduates!

Today Realtors Need New Homes Sales Training Like No Time In History.

For more than 6,000 Realtors their training started here.- home of the New Home Co-broker certification.

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Meet Today's New Home Buyer's and Builders Head-On. With Credentials. Become A Certified New Home Co-Broker. Learn How To Sell More Resales, Too!

In times like these we all have a choice. We can slow down or quit. Or we can add real value to our services.

You are on the cusp of a great opportunity because homebuilders are reaching out to Realtors with great incentives. Because they know that you have a vanishing commodity in your control - qualified shoppers.

We Help Home Shoppers Find You!

In today's world, the big idea is not to find more prospects. The big idea is to help them find you. Here are some ways our graduates draw prospects:

1. Download your checklist. Follow the link to your logos.

2. Take a picture of your certificate and show it home builders, onsite sales consultants, listing prospects, and new home prospects.

3. Add the letters NHCB behind your name on your social media, blog, business cards, etc.

4. Search NHCB on Facebook to see how our graduates are using the letters and the logo.

5. Follow the checklist link to our exclusive members-only website where you can share ideas with other graduates, place a listing in our new home referral directory, start building your preferred builder network and more.

PS: If a new home prospect searched for NHCB Realtors in your area would they find one? You may not have much, if any, competition. Check it out.

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Our Graduates Are Seeing Career-changing Results

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