How To Build A New Homes Niche

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How to Build A New Homes Niche ONLINE- Earn Your New Home Co-Broker Designation! Today.

New Home Co-Broker Academy

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"I have sold 10 new homes since taking this course. I never knew it was this easy!" Realtor Mary Carpousis

Learn how it's done in three hours. Online.

"Life changing''is what a Coldwell Banker owner called it.  

One graduate had never sold a new home and sold seven within seven months.  She now knows how important new home internet advisors are to her career. Do you?

Another graduate quit selling resales altogether after she learned how to convert renovation-resistant resale shoppers to new homes,  "I had no idea it was so easy." Do you? 

Our graduates are selling more resales and more new homes because they are facing their fears and learning how to work with onsite agents, while helping their prospects clearly 'understand the money." Are you?   




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Learn How To Find New Homes Inventory On Demand

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Frequently Asked Questions


 Q. What is the New Home Co-Broker Academy?

A. An exclusive online research and training resource for general real estate agents who want to learn how to find and serve new home buyers and work comfortably with onsite sales consultants.

Q. Who should take this course?

A. Licensed real estate agents, brokers, Realtors, onsite sales consultants are raving about this course. Really.

Q. Tell me about the course

A. The course consists of 79 mostly animated power point slides divided into six sections. To qualify for New Home Co-broker designation, agents must score a grade of 80 on a 20-question multiple choice exam.

Upon successfully completing the exam, the agent may download the certification certificate, and a 'Next Steps' guide that provides a checklist of links and tasks that should be completed.

Q. Does the designation expire?

No. What we teach works. There is nothing to add that will require you to retake the course. Your sales production will be your final score and once you learn to apply what we teach you will start making more sales, both resale and new.

Q. What are some good things that have happened in last year or so?

  1. The Florida Real Estate commission approved the  course for both distant learning and ‘live’ seminars.

  2. New Home Source Professional, the nation's leading platform for new homes inventory, endorsed our course.

  3. Providence Golf and Country Club, developed by ABD developers, started sponsoring monthly live seminars in January, and booked 9 more for the year.

  4. We upgraded our LMS to to offer a better learner experience and the opportunity for branding and seat-purchase programs for large accounts. 

  5. The author, David Fletcher, will be speaking at the National Home Builder Association's  International Builders Show in Orlando, Jan 10-12, 2017. 

Q. What method of payments do you accept?

A. We accept online payments via most credit cards, including PayPal and Amazon.

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A. Yes. If you request a refund before taking the final exam, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Q. As a broker/owner, may I offer this course for a discount to my agents? 

A. Yes. Simply email a request for this image and a coupon code. Link this banner to our site and PRESTO, you are offering your agents a 20% discount to take the course. Finally, a solution to your new homes training challenge.

Q. I have taken online courses before and they are BORING!

A. We get it. That's why our power point slides are animated and need to be wrapped in a SCORM 'wrapper' and presented on a professional Learning Management System. We looked long and hard and decided on

Q. May I purchase seats?

A. Yes.  Price per seat depends on number of seats purchased. 

Q. Is the exam hard? :)

A. This question is not frequently asked out loud, but we know you are concerned. The exam is designed to grade your awareness of the correct strategies and applications needed in the field.

Q. Do I have to finish the course in one sitting? 

A. No. You may take the course at your own speed. You have access to your own private dashboard to track your progress. It's pretty awesome. 

Q. Tell me one more time, what I can download when I complete the course.

You can download your New Home Co-Broker certificate and  Next Steps pdf to help you start implenting what you learned, immediately. 

Q. Does the price include logo's that I can upload to my website and social media, and add to my business cards and yard signs? 

Yes. You will be given direction in a separate email that takes you to the logo's that you may download. 




Convert Renovation-Resistant Shoppers To New Home Buyers!

Renovation-resistant resale shoppers are buying 'new' homes!