"New home credentials via certification and new home courses represent added value to today's home buyers who are actively looking for new homes help from their Realtor."

E.J. Achtner
Senior Vice President, Bank of America
Source: Realty Times

"Within two days of completing the course, I sold a new home to a couple struggling to select one of the resales I showed them."

Randy Chavers, CRB, NHCB*
Broker/Owner Homes In Atlanta Realty.
*New Home Co-Broker designation


David R. Fletcher, Lic. Real Estate Broker

•Broker of record or marketing consultant for more than 70 communities
• $3 billion in new-home and condominium sales
•Lifetime Achiever
•Featured speaker, National Association Of Realtors
• Chair, Sales and Marketing Council, Florida Home Builders Association
•Author, Condominium Sales and Listings, 244 pgs
•Marketing consultant for 27 communities owned by lender
•Recruited, trained and supervised onsite sales staffs for 16 preferred custom home communities, one mixed - use community, and multiple condominium communities
•Contributor, Inman News and Realty Times
• Established and operated new home divisions for national franchises
•BS Degree, Economics


Course Content

Trust-based, myth-busting CERTIFIED new homes sales  training for real estate agents and new home consultants.  Online. Introducing ten new home explanation videos  to give you an unquestioned service driven leading edge  in your  market.

Make more sales to fewer prospects
Leverage new home showings to close more resales
Leverage resale showings to close more new homes
Build career relationships with onsite agents
Qualify existing home prospects for new homes and vice versa
Help establish a price baseline
Answer ten of the most common questions asked about new homes
Use builder incentives as a closing tool
Recognize short sale buyers who will buy

Who Is Your Market And Why Do You Think So? (100)

To really appreciate hitting your target market, you need to know what it is costing in terms of lost listing and sales opportunities if you miss it. This section exams three market segments, two of which represent more than half of a market you are not reaching and gives four specific examples of the commissions you are losing if you are not targeting these market segments.

The 4-Step Sales Process

It's not about your sales skills. Its about the sales process. When both the Realtor and the onsite consultants understand where they are in the process with the prospect AND each other, sales commissions are sure to follow. Many have called this one of the simplest explanation of the sales process ever seen. It's not ours. It's been around for years, but it is seldom taught to those who need it most, commissioned sales agents.

How to create a sense of urgency for buyers - Inman News

How To Show New Homes

According to the National Association of Realtors, 67% of all new home sold in 2013 were sold by Realtors. How did Realtors, who no little or nothing about construction, receive little or no 'new home' training sell twice as many new homes as professional onsite agents sold?

The author takes you and your prospect from your office to the sales center, through the introduction/ registration process, to the site table, and model tour sharing how his strategy, worked with onsite agents and co-brokers alike for more than $3 billion in sales.

How To Leverage New Home Showings To Sell More Resales (500)

If you have ever lost a sale you thought you were going to make, this is the one course that will generate the most help for you. This strategy is focused one one thing: Helping you prospect to know as much about market value as you do. MLS is good, but not good enough in today's market. Today's buyer must be led through the sales process like a horse with blinders in busy New York traffic. One unsettling objection, unanswered question that causes them to question the value of the property, and the next thing you know they are gone or worse yet, on the phone telling you what a great person you are, but they have decided to wait.

Show new homes and you will sell more resales - Inman News

How To Move Ahead Of The Pack(600)

EXCLUSIVE! These ten explanation videos answer some of the most frequently asked questions in short, consistent, and entertaining ways from your website or social media 24/7. Immediately upon completion of the first section of the course this section will be available.  It is not a part of the course, just excellent material to assist you.  They will be available to download with your certificate of completion. You can add these ten videos to your site FREE for one year, BRANDED.

The best part is your prospect's reaction when they find short, simple answers to complex questions related to the new home purchase. It's a special kind of customer service they will not find on your competitor's website unless they have taken this course

It is not enough to 'know', if you do not know what to do, how to do it, and why you should do it. The course nor the deliverables below have a nickel's worth of value to you if they do not help you convert prospects to buyers. On the other hand, if they help convert just one sale or listing you would have otherwise missed, the value would be immeasurable.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have immediate access to the following:

A BRANDED Certificate with your name, course title, and completion date good for your lifetime.
A one year subscription to 10 BRANDED new home videos exclusively written and produced for this course!
A one-year subscription to the New Home Co-Broker referral center, with your contact, image and specialties
A one-year subscription to the New Home Co-Broker designation center, where you get six-month access to course updates, videos, and links to relative content.
A 20 percent discount to any other RealtyU courses you may take
A sample publicity release
Six-month access to the course
A jpg of the New Home Co-Broker to use on your website and social media
For a limited time, free consultation with the course author to discuss real life, in the field issues that cost you a commission.

We are extremely proud of what we are bringing the builder/broker community and know that the value of our content and deliverable is simply unmatchable anywhere.

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