New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

We conducted  a study of 305 new agents who had passed their license exam but had not joined an office yet. One of the questions asked was this. "Do you have any sales experience?" About 60% said 'yes', then we asked what type of sales experience had. Ninety-five percent said 'retail', meaning they had never prospected for a living. 

Do you? Having lived on the builder's side of new home sales for 30 years, working with Realtors and walk-ins for all that time, the author of this course knows how things work. 

What we teach in this short course is Classic in the sense that it is based on principles that prove to work for both the buyer and sales agent through the ages. The four steps, as you will see, must be taken in sequence if you are going to eliminate RESISTANCE before you start 'selling'.  

Thousands of commission sales agents have taken this course. If you are not one of them, we respectfully recommend you to take it. You will be glad you did. If not, request a full refund and we will issue one, no questions asked. You must make the request before taking the quiz.

This online course gives you the opportunity to test what you learn. A downloadable certificate of completion is included in the price. Online.28 minutes. 

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