Why Resale Shoppers Buy NEW Homes

New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

Market studies and home builders will tell you that home shoppers buy new homes because they are new, are energy efficient, provide warranties, and more. That may be the reason they shop new homes, but it not the reason they buy one. They make 'buy/wait'  decisions based on what they will gain by purchasing or lose by waiting. That's why production builders offer incentives- the most misunderstood closing tools in real estate. 

Learning objectives:

 1. Why resale shoppers decide to wait or keep wanting to see more resales 

2. Why resale shoppers buy new homes

3. The number one thing you must always recommend to hesitant resale shoppers

This 36-minute course features two case studies of frustrated resale shoppers who decided the wait, then purchased a new home and one case study of a new home sale where the wife insisted she was not moving, but if she did she wanted a resale. 

All three bought new homes. All three agents made thousands of dollars they would have missed. One was a brand new agent's first sale. One Realtor never sold a new home after 12 years in real estate. She now sells only new construction because she "likes to travel."  The third was a presale sold by the course author. 

Was it their sales skills? Their knowledge of construction? No. Not even close. 

As is our consistent practice, we don't do 'tips and tricks. We do principles and case studies that prove what we teach serves the home shoppers best interest, and therefore serves the agent's best interest, as well.

The course includes a five-question self- assessment quiz and a downloadable certificate.

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