New Home Sale Coach
Videos - New Home Co-Broker Academy
New Home Sale Coach
New Home Sale Coach
New Home Sale Coach
New Home Sale Coach

New Home Sale Coach

New Home Co-Broker Academy
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Instructions To Web Guru:

The End Game:  

Offer ___ day free trial then automatic $19.95 per month,and $$189.95 annual recurring..

2. Offer 24-hour rental for $4.99 each (now in place but needs price change).

3. Offer to purchase as many as they want for $14.95 per video 

The request:

1. Recommend recurring subscription service that gives instant access to subscribers to use 24/7.

2. The system will feature 35 videos now listed on Vimeo, and 14 videos that can be linked from this store. (links to be provided).

3. Thes videos will be offered to real estate: 

4. The market: Any real estate agent who wants to use it, sales trainers, sales managers and anyone who wants to use it for short sales training topics, at 'Lunch and Learns, etc.

5. Once inside, a banner is needed to take them to the main course, with a coupon discount = ten percent of the listed price.



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