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“How to Build A New Homes Niche" Course | Six-month Online Access. No Exam.

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This baseline version of our certification course is designed for:

1. Licensed real estate agents who want the new homes training but have no desire to take the exam for certification. 

2. One-year access to the content has expired for our graduates who would like a refresher of our content.

As an extra service, you may use purchase and pay in four equal payments. No interest No credit card. You can thank Shopify for this popular payment service. Check it out when you check out.

Important: This does NOT include any of the "extras" that come with the full certification course. 

About The Course

Section 1: Understand Your Market & Your Competition 

Course content is based on valid research, case studies, and the author's 30 years of experience working with builders and new home shoppers. You will quickly see how you can meet the needs builders and new home shoppers have for you, and why and how new homes should be added to your resale showing schedule.

Section 2: How to Establish A Price Baseline

The most common response we get to this section is "Why were we not taught this before?"  You'll learn just how important it is for resale shoppers to "understand the money" and how showing new homes makes that possible. Apply this strategy to sell more resales and new homes.  

Section 3: How to Find New Homes Inventory 

If you are not using the builder's new-home internet advisor you are working way too hard and losing sales. We teach you how to take advantage of this service to help you find inventory, register your prospects online, and protect your commission.

Section 4: How to Show New Homes With Confidence

First we show you the wrong way to sell new homes, which can be humorous, but also costly. Then we take you step-by-step through the right way, from the perspective of the buyer, the onsite sales consultant, and you.

Section 5: How To Team Up With Onsite Consultants

New home consultants want and need your business because you control resale shoppers, who today are very likely to also consider a new home. We use case studies to demonstrate what a trusting relationship with onsite agents could mean to you in real dollars. 

Section 6:  How to Find New Home Shoppers

It's easier than you think but it takes work. 50% of your business should come from referrals after two years. It's finding the other 50% that matters most. We show you how to find it.

Taking the Course

  • You'll take the course online from any computer or mobile device.

  • Review course sections at your own pace. If you log out, you can start again where you left off.

  • You'll have six months to access the course, so you can go back anytime during the period to freshen your knowledge and skills. 

  • The course consists of 130 narrated and animated slides and videos. You are free to move within sections and between sections as you wish.

  • Content is based on demographic data, case studies, and David Fletcher's 30+ years as the listing broker of record for more than 70 new home communities.

We're Here to Help

If you have any questions or have any technical difficulties, we're here to help. We will respond to your requests within 24 hours, and in most cases, within an hour or two. Weekdays 8 am - 6 pm est.

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