How To Build A New Homes Division - ONE YEAR ACCESS

New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

Establishing a new homes division is a commitment and risk. 

Should it be a profit center? What services should you offer? Should your listing agreement be 'net or 'gross'?

Will the division recruit, train and supervise full-time sales staffs? If so, what should the onsite policy manual contain? What should the listing term be? Should you target condominiums? What role will the builder or builder/developer play? What about change orders? Who pays for what? 

But wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves. If you are serious about establishing a real honest to goodness new homes division, we need to start at the bottom and work up. Or should we say lay a foundation that cannot help but become successful?

 We need to 'hasten slowly'. 

So, let's break it down into three parts. If after taking Part One you do not think you want to pursue the idea of a new home division, you will not need to take Part 2 or Part 3. 

It's all here in the only course of its kind, written by a broker who spent his entire career representing builders builder/developers, and developers. His $3 billion sales record speaks for itself, and in this course, he shows you exactly how he listed more than 50 communities and was never terminated. 

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