Why Resale Shoppers Buy NEW Homes - ONE YEAR ACCESS

New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

To be upfront with you, we have one-foot kicking and one foot dragging the ground about the crazy idea of offering one-year access. Why? Because we turn control over to you.

We give you control of every slide. With buttons that allow you to go forward, backward, pause, stay as long as needed on each topic. All narrated. If you want to see slide 23, you go directly to slide 23. 

This level of control makes it ideal for an instant, on-demand solution for issues that come up in the field and for trainers who need new material in short doses. 

Why does this make us nervous? 

Because what we are doing is allowing brokers/trainers/ and managers to share this one tool with as many agents as they need to share it with, at no additional cost. Are we going to lose business because we are doing this? We don't think so.  Besides, if we help agents make sales they may have missed and who knows? Maybe they will become a customer, also. 

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