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New Home Co-Broker Certification Exam.

New Home Co-Broker Certification Exam.

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NEW!  For experienced agents only!

NEW!! No Course Requirements. Pass The Certification Exam. Done! 1-year access. All benefits of the standard certification course. 

The Exam: 20 multiple choice questions pulled from a 45-question pool. Experienced agents take the course, they say, because they know they need to learn the right way, plus they want the New Home Co-broker (NHCB) certification. 

Be warned. The exam is not what you might expect. You get only one retake if you fail the first time.  Spoiler alert! We know that what we teach is fresh, original, and field-tested so don't expect questions about construction, and don't assume the right answer is the way you have been doing things.  

 If you fail twice, you will be required to take the full course to earn your NHCB certification. 

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