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David Fletcher shares his experience, insight and candid thoughts about how showing new homes will help you sell more homes, both new and resale. He starts from the basics and then delves into the nitty-gritty of working with on-site agents, builders and buyers. We've organized the topics by Why?, What?, How? and When? to help you find the answer to a question you might have about how to show and sell new homes. Or, simply browse and see what catches your eye. Have a question or topic that's missing? Submit your request clicking on the "Make Your Request" button at the bottom of this page.

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Video Library Introduction by David Fletcher
Why buyers are NOT liars.

How a homesite showing changed her mind.
How a new agent made her first sale.


Why selling pre-construction makes sense for you.
Why you should attend broker open houses.
Why a buyer would want to use the preferred lender.
Why a buyer must use the builder's contract.

Why the co-broker did not get paid.

Why the builder's internet advisor is your best friend.
Why a "fixed price" new home is your best friend.
Why builders always pay competitive commissions.

Why builders use a preferred lender.

Why builders think agents are greedy.

Why "fixed price" is your best sales tool.

When you shouldn't get paid a commission.

When you're asked to show new homes on short notice.
When an onsite agents wants to cut you out.
When renovation bids are too high.

When foreclosure bids are too low.


What you need to succeed.

How to list a subdivision Part I.

How to list a subdivision Part II

How to list a subdivision Part III


What you need to know about construction.
What about commission on upgrades?
What the builder expects of you for sitting the models.
What you expect of the builder when you sit the models.

What is the "first visit" registration myth?
What is a "rate lock?

What is a "New Home Co-Broker?"

What is a construction perm loan?

What if your buyers are "indifferent" to new homes?
What if the buyer wants an attorney to review the contract?
Why do Realtors like to sell new homes?

How does "prospect registration" work?


My First Sales by David Fletcher

How to sell without saying a word.

How stop showing them more and more homes.
How to convert a concern into a commission.

How a Realtor lost a commission.

How an agent sold a home without saying a word.

David Fletcher's New Homes Blog

Previously open to the public, David Fletcher's New Homes Blog is now exclusively available to 24/7 Academy members. You can browse though the archives and find helpful and insightful opinions on how to sell more homes by leveraging new home showings. Come back often for newly published articles and to read and join in on commentary from other members. 

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You Don't Need To Know Construction To Sell New Homes
Think licensed home inspectors. Will the home builders you are working with allow your buyer to bring in a home...
Providence Co-Broker Sales Go From 20% to 80%
Davenport, Fl -  Florida land developer and home builder, ABD Development, is pioneering an unusual approach to helping their five...
A Costly Myth About Prospect Registration
  If your prospect for a new home visited a builder without a Realtor and wanted to revisit the builder’s...
Builder Contracts Should Not Make You Nervous
Some Realtors feel that the builder should use the Realtors contract. There are good reasons they don't.  As a real...
What Happens If Price Increases Before Contract?
This is one of those types of scenarios that gets around the real estate broker circuit that makes the builder...
New Home Prices Move Up Quickly In A
This is a touchy subject with Realtors, because they don't understand. They think rising prices are tied to costs only....
Why New Home Fixed Pricing Is Such A Paradox
Of the 3003 Realtors surveyed in the BHI study, 505 said they shied away from showing new homes because the...
Houston. We Have A Solution.
Harvey, the largest storm to hit America in recorded history, has been knocking at Houston's door and finding thousands of...
What Is New Home Sales Training?
A 2013 study commissioned by Builder Homesite Inc showed that 65% of the 3009 Realtors interviewed said build broker training was...
Where It All Began For Me
 Bay Island Club is a beautiful waterfront condominium community on Florida's west coast between St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Beach....
Two Big Misconceptions Costing Realtors Thousands
The good thing about not working with prospects you never meet is that a Realtor can never be disappointed or rejected. For...
What Training Directors Should Be Teaching About Showing New Homes
It's a good and important question because Realtors are turning to new homes because new construction has become such a...
Why Realtors Don't Sell New Homes
The two biggest reasons 50% of all Realtors don't get involved with selling new homes according to a study commissioned...
NHCB Course Proving Profitable
There is nothing like sharing an idea with your audience and getting feedback within two days that they tried it...
Survey Results: How To Find New Home Inventory #1
In a seminar that drew 62 Realtors predisoposed to working with new home shoppers, 48 responded to a survey to...
Why The Onsite Agent Is Your Best Friend
In a recent How To Build A New Homes Niche live seminar, the 53 Realtors in attendance were asked what they...
New Homes Provide
It's no secret to some that New Home Co-Broker Academy is carrying the flag to change the Realtor/Builder culture by...
You Should Be Selling Pre-Construction Homes
Realtor Mary Carpousis says, “I cannot imagine why real estate agents don’t like to sell pre-construction homes.  Of course I'd...

How To Guides & Market Research

Included in this section is much of what graduates of "How To Build A New Homes Niche" course learn, PLUS additional resources that delve even deeper into the topics addressed in the course. David Fletcher created this resource for agents like you who know they are leaving commissions on the table by not showing new omes, but are not yet comfortable with the way things work in the new homes world. Fear no more! Read and learn and get comfortable and make more sales! 

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"How-To" Guides

How To Be A Successful New Home Co-Broker

Many general real estate agents know very little about what is potentially one of their most important products - new homes. This constrains their ability to offer a full service to their prospects. They simply do not understand the new homes market, the new homes sales process or the construction process.

Somewhere, way back, general agents started believing they needed to know “construction” to sell a new construction home. 

On a personal note, the author of this guide knows very little about construction, has never taken a construction course, and does not plan to. Click document icon above to view.

How To Build High Trust With Your Prospects

You are a sales person. You make your living by the words you speak or don’t speak. Fortunately, selling is a simple process of professionally and competently implementing four steps. All you have to do is master these steps and you will see your income increase faster than you ever imagined. 

Four Steps to High Trust not only reveals these four steps in a way you will easily understand, but teaches you the skills you must have to master each step. 

By the end of this workbook you will be ready to apply these new skills and see immediate results. Click document icon above to view. 

How To Work With Onsite Sales Consultants

What you will find in this PowerPoint presentation with notes, if implemented as directed, will give you a sense of professional well being and a source of commissions you never knew existed. 

Teaming up with onsite consultants may be a new, even awkward concept to you. After all, it is the onsite agents that is seeking the Realtors business, right? Sometimes what we have to learn is so simple we don’t understand it. That may be the case here, but we will leave that up to you. 

One thing is for sure, it will require work on your part. But in return you will recoup your time investment beyond measure. Click the document icon above to view.

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Market Research

BHI Realtor New Home Awareness Study 

This study was conducted in 2013 by BHI, which represents 32 of the nation’s largest homebuilders, Given the widespread use of Realtors among homebuyers (both new and existing) and their influence on buyers, BHI commissioned this study to better understand Realtor behavior. with regards to new homes. Click document icon above to view.

BDX Infographics - Homebuyer Data

Explore the latest tips, trends and resources about the new homes industry. While BDX is targeting mostly builders, as Realtors interested in selling new homes, we can learn a lot from the research and insights BDX provides. Click document icon above to view. 

How Realtors Feel About Showing New Homes

David Fletcher has conducted dozens of How To Build A New Homes Niche live seminars, mostly at the Providence development in Davenport, Florida. These seminars are taken by licensed real estate agents who are interested in learning more about how to sell new homes. At each seminar a survey is conducted and the results are quite interesting. Click document icon above to view. 

24/7 Academy Members-Only Forum

We're excited for you and what this forum could mean for your engagement with other like-minded Realtors. This is your forum for sharing ideas, asking questions, answering questions and networking. It's our hope that you come to count on this forum as a key benefit of your 24/7 Academy membership. 

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Trusted Partners

We were recommending our partners long before they became partners. We strongly believe in what they can do to help you become a better agent. Much of what they offer is free, or for little cost, and always a great value. For example, Realty Times offers free drone listings and a free way to write your own publicity. New Home Source Professional offers MLS-type new homes inventory with a free subscription, and much more. How could we not recommend these two national brands to our subscribers?

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  • Get a deep discount on your NHCB course + 3 hours CE credit.

  • Get free access to new homes listings in your market.

  • Review commission and registration info from builders.

  • See exclusive agent promotions and events from builders.

  • Send listings to clients with your own ShowingNew.com site.

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