Attention Brokers & Trainers

Improve your recruiting, agent retention and your bottom line by recommending our 3-hour online course, How To Build A New Homes Niche to your agents.

New Home Co-Broker Academy new home sales training

Q. What is the goal of the course?
A. The course goal is to help your agents close more sales with the fewer prospects- to start selling 2 out of 5, instead of 1 out of 5, for example. It impacts your retention rate and company bottom line. Offering a new homes course gives you an extra hook to discuss.

Q. What are my agents taught?
A. Click an Enroll button on the website and read summary paragraphs in each of the seven sections. Content is based on related research, case studies, and the authors $3 billion new Home sales experience.

Q. How do I market the course to my agents?
A. Email this link to the course by email and let your agents know you recommend their place and pace. No instructor or monitor, training facility, special equipment, or schedule to meet.

Q. Who pays for the course?
A. Your agents

Q. Can I offer them a discount, as a service to them?
A. Yes. We can discuss this.

Q. Do they have to subscribe for monthly fees? for a fee of some kind?
A. No.

Q. What does it take to offer this course to my agents?
A. This link. Nothing more.

Q. Do I have to sign anything?
A. No.

Q. Can I brand the course and the certificate?
A. Yes, but it will cost something to do that.

For more information, spend some time on our website and email David Fletcher at to answer any questions. You will be glad you did.