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How to Establish A Preferred Builder Division

New Home Sales Are Booming. Build A New Home Sales Team To Take Advantage of It.

Finally. A solution for real estate principals who want to make a statement and a difference working with local homebuilders.

What is a Preferred Builder Division?

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Why should I establish one within my brokerage?

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How does it work?

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Agent Membership Requirements 

  1. Must have earned their New Home Co-Broker Certification by completing the three-hour course, "How to Build A New Homes Niche" and passing the 20-question final exam.
  2. Must have completed the New Home Co-Broker Checklist.
  3. Must submit and share names and contact info with at least three homebuilders to be placed in a Preferred Homebuilder Directory or list.
  4. Must have added three onsite sales consultant contacts to their contact system.
  5. Must subscribe to New Home Source Professional.
  6. Must place New Home Source Professional widget on the agent's website 
  7. Must make it a point to attend Preferred Builder events when possible.
  8. Must be capable of listing homes of new home shoppers.

Member Benefits

  1. Name added to rotating new home referral list
  2. Picture and contact info listed in New Home Shoppers Section
  3. The special announcement in Realty Times (they can write it and submit, with training)
  4. May qualify as Preferred Builder team leader

Corporate Benefits

  1. Send formation announcement to Business Journal
  2. Send member as hey join names to business Journal
  3. Invite recruits to a special meeting in the conference room If possible to make new homes presentation (video on New Home Co-broker landing page)  
  4. Retention – if they are making new home sales and a member of this division, why would they think of leaving?

            Note  Fletcher to produce videos as needs surface. 


    Q. Can two agents have the same preferred builder in their contact system?

    A. Yes.

    Q. What does this mean for how I train my agents going forward?

    A. Your new homes training then becomes this: Earn your New Home Co-Broker Certification and you have the option to become a member of the company's Preferred Builder Division.

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