Attention: Developers & Homebuilders

How much would it be worth to have one more co-broker sale this month than you had last month? What about two more? What about that happening every month? It would mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line. No doubt about it.

For the last three years, six builders for a large developer in Florida saw their co-broker sales grow from 20 percent of total sales to 80 percent. They are averaging 35 sales a month from co-brokers. How you ask? This developer has been holding new home sales training seminars by New Home Co-Broker Academy every month to let REALTORS® know they welcome co-broker sales, and that they care enough to teach them how to find, show, and sell new homes.

As of October, 2018, we have expanded our reach to offer our products and services to other developers and builders who are serious about increasing co-broker sales.

  • Exclusive positions are available.

  • It’s like offering your own online co-broker course and videos at ‘room service’ level, without having to hire the staff to produce it.

  • 3-hour 130 narrated slides seminar to earn the New Home Co-Broker certification (more than 3,000 REALTORS have done so).

  • 40 short videos for lunch and learns that help Realtors work in the New homes environment

  • BRAND the course to make it look like it's yours, including your logo on the certificate.

  • No management. We provide customer service! Or will train you to provide it.

Your next step is to email David Fletcher, Founder of NHCB Academy, at to learn more. If you are looking for a real education-based, co-broker system, this is it! REALTORS® and developer references available.