Learning Objectives

Our learning objectives are different than what you might expect from a new homes sales course. We have experienced everything we share, including case studies, the pitfalls, the myths, and in some ways astounding success.

Our course is written from the real estate agent's perspective, not the home builder's. The content is fresh and practical. We don't believe agents need to learn construction. They need to learn how to find new home buyers, find new homes inventory on demand, how to leverage new home showings to close more resales, how to convert renovation-resistant shoppers to new homes showings, and how to build relationships with onsite agents and internet advisors.  

Upon completion of this three-hour online course, graduates will be able to:

  1. Build a successful new homes niche
  2. Find new home buyers among resale shoppers
  3. Grow their resale listing and sales business
  4. Improve their prospects-to-sales ratio
  5. Find new homes inventory ‘on demand’
  6. Provide a price baseline that resale shoppers can trust
  7. Control new home showings without saying a word
  8. Work comfortably with new home sales consultants
  9. Market themselves as new homes professionals
  10. Know why and how home builder marketing are targeting resale prospects
  11. Leverage the builder’s research to build your business
  12. Understand why this course is has caught fire among real estate agents
  13. Explain a construction/perm loan
  14. Explain why establishing a price baseline is so critical to the home shopper
  15. How to establish a price baseline that can be trusted
  16. Know why renovation-resistant used home shoppers buy new homes
  17. How to add a new homes section to your website
  18. How to learn from experienced new homes agents
  19. How to market yourself on demand
  20. How to add new homes inventory on your website 
  21. How to be 'intentional' at builder events
  22. Know what an internet new home consultant is and does
  23. What an internet new home consultant does for prospects
  24. What an internet new home consultant does for agents
  25. Why you need instant access to internet advisors
  26. How to find internet new home consultants/concierges/ advisors
  27. Where to look for new homes inventory
  28. Show new homes without saying a word
  29. Show new homes the right way
  30. Build a prefered builder network work 
  31. Leverage new home incentives to help close the sale
  32. Coach your prospects 
  33. Protect your commission when you weren't the first to show the new home
  34. Understand why resales are so difficult to sell and close
  35. Understand the five major training differences between new homes vs general real estate
  36. Build a preconstruction closing pipeline
  37. What new homes are the easiest 'sell' in real estate
  38. What you need to learn at the site table or site map
  39. What you need to know about the builder's preferred lender
  40. What a punch list is and when it is used
  41. How to establish a preferred builder network
  42. Why you must always give the onsite agent time to make a professional presentation
  43. Why you need to farm new home buyers
  44. What you stand to lose if you are not targeting new home buyers, in dollars
  45. Why a new home should be added to the top of your showing schedule
  46. How you can lose sales at the builder's decorating center
  47. The one thing builders are paying you to do for them.

We do not teach the need for learning construction. To us that is pre-internet/technology stuff. Besides, it's too far from the money. 

The author of this course is a recognized thought leader in the new homes industry who for an entire career recruited, trained and supervised full time onsite agents as Realtor serving as the broker of record for condominium communities and subdivisions. Written by a Realtor from a Realtors perspective. There is nothing even close to the content or price like it on the internet. Enroll today. You will be glad you did.