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Founder, CEO New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

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Thank you for your interest in contacting us and thank you for your business. 

Fortunately, we have ironed out everything but issues we cannot control.

 Here are some reasons you might be calling. We can save you some time. If you don't find your solution here, email us, sending a screen shot if possible. Make your email 

1. I bought the course but did not receive my sign instruction email. Check your junk folder. It is there.

 2. I passed the exam and downloaded my certificate and my checklist, but i can't find my logo's to download. Go back to your training plan to make sure you downloaded your checklist. certificate. 

3. I cant get into my training plan. Uh, usually it's because your one- year access is expired. But it could be you are not using the same email you used to purchase the course. Double check, and email us if still have an issue.

Go to your checklist and you will see exactly how to download the NHCB logo.

4. I need to change the name on my certificate.  Fortunately, this does not happen often, but we don't take kindly to replacing names on certificates.

This is a preventable occurrence. Make sure the name in your profile is the name with the exact spelling, and you will not have a problem. 

If these are not your reason to contact us, email us at support@newhomecobroker.com and we will address it usually within 24 hours if Monday through Friday.




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