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    Share your unique affiliate link on social media, your website, or via email. Your links are easy to find via your Dashboard under Affiliate. Simply cut and paste.

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    Visits to our site from your referrals are automatically tracked for 30 days. If they buy within that period you get paid a commission. The more you share your links the more chance you have to refer a sale.

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    Earn a healthy commission on every sale that originates from your affiliate link. We pay commissions monthly via PayPal (when commissions reach $50 or more).

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Refer your real estate colleagues to New Home Co-Broker Academy, and when they buy our course you earn a commission. It's as simple as posting a link on social media. Sign up below and we will send you detailed program information and instructions for how to get started. Brokers, you too, can earn commissions or offer discounts to your agents. It's your choice.

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