A new homes course that focuses on needs of the agent, not the builder.

Referral Partners

New Home Co-Broker Academy will is on pace to exceed 4000 graduates by  December 31,2019. Our 'direct' sources and our random teelpheo calls to our graduates confrim that our referral base is exanding rapdily.


Referral Partners (graduates only) -  Know  instinctively by referring our website to their fellow agents or their managing broker, they are doing them and their local home builders a favor.

There are two ways to refer: Simply refer because we asked you to, like this suggestion:

a. Copy and paste this sentence with an embedded link to our website:

I just completed the course, How To Build A New Homes Niche and found it most helpful. I thought you might find the website worth a quick look.

b. Certified Referral Partners - This is an exclusive core group or our graduates who are paid a commission within 30 days of their referrals purchase. If you are a licensed real estate agent who has become a certified new home co-broker, you qualify to become a Certified Referral Partner. and be paid based on the purchase price paid.  

Create your  account here, and look around. 

You are going to like what you see. 



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