Realtors: New Home Construction is Not Going Away. Become A Certified New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) today.

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Our three-hour online course is the instant solution to two of most serious issues facing general real estate agents today: Too few listings for sale and too few potential home buyers due to high interest rates. New Home Co-broker Academy LLC is an online resource to teach real estate agents how to work with new home prospects, onsite sales consultants and home builders at every level. Over 6,000 Realtors are Certified New Home Co-brokers today.

The Academy's training is not to be confused with sales training offered by builders, onsite sales managers and others from the builders' side. Our courses and products are 100 percent from the real estate agents' perspective.

Due to our content, we have the freedom to teach what we know from our own field-tested experience. Become a certified new home co-broker is not that complicated. 

For example, we do not believe agents need to learn construction, they need hasten slowly when offered to 'sit the models' and they need to understand that the builders commission policy about first time visits is a myth. You will not hear this taught in other training programs, because they are representing the builder's side.

We admit it. Ours is a fundamental, simple, straightforward three-hour online course that addresses everything a general real estate agents need to know to find new home shoppers, convert resale shoppers to new construction, earn the respect of onsite sales consultants and more.

We don't charge an annual referral fee for certification. And you get one year access to the course. Frankly, we do not of another course where your return on your investment to take the course yields such high returns based on the number of new homes and resales you close.

He ensured agents could start making sales before finishing thecourse, that the content solved the agent’s problems, and

There would be no need for one-year renewal fees. The course is based on principles and case studies. Time would not change the content.

He would include an exam certifying them as New Home Co-Broke

rs (NHCB) when passed. Credentials would be important. Builders would soon learn to search for the NHCB initials when building their co-broker networks.

Founder David Fletcher has a long history of success working with builders and new home co-brokers. He served as project manager of one of largest condominium communities in Florida, Bay Island, in St. Petersburg, Fl, was a featured speaker at a National Association of Realtors Association annual convention, wrote the book Condominium Sales and Listings, 226 pgs., Reston Publishing Company, Chaired the Florida Home Builders Association’s Sales and Marketing Council, was named a lifetime achiever by Keller long the way, he recruited, trained, and supervised Realtor sales teams who sold over $3 billion in new homes in more than 70 communities and has contributed to Realty Times for

20 years and Inman News for 3 years. Williams Realty International and was given a key to the city of St. Petersburg, Fl for his work on the city’s Economic Development Council.

Today more than 6,000 Realtors have earned their new home co-broker certification.

You may contact David at

Office address: New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC, Suite 305, 7208 Sandlake Road, Orlando, Fl 32819

Book written by David Fletcher
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