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There was a time, just a  while ago, when real estate agents were listing homes and selling them before they hit the market, often for higher prices than the listings. Record sales were reported monthly, and real estate agents sold used homes like crazy. But then something bad happened that stopped resale listings and sales overnight.  Mortgage interest rates doubled in one year, and homeowner's who planned to sell and move decided not to. Not only were listings scarce. Higher interest rates were keeping first-home buyers out of the market.

With resale inventory so tight, Realtors whose mission was commission started moving to the sidelines like flies. Broker/owners, whose intention was retention, were losing agents they had worked hard to train to list and sell resales.  In major markets especially, this made this so unnecessary because there was a gold mine of saleable inventory under construction.

 The demand for new homes was heavy, but the resale agents were not trained or encouraged to work with home builders.  

So New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC, founded by David Fletcher,  a retired Realtor who trained thousands of Realtors to work with homebuilders and understood the opportunity, addressed this need.

The big idea: Leverage the agent’s resale and listing training and experience to help them sell and list new homes because they needed and would continue to need marketable inventory. Hello, new construction! 

Write a course that accomplished one thing: helped resale agents expand their expertise to offer the same level of professional service to new home shoppers as they were trained to do with resale shoppers.

Once they realized how much help onsite agents would be, they would catch the vision and develop the passion for incorporating a passion-driven disciple to do what it takes to become a professional in resales and new construction.

He would write a course and take full responsibility for its content. No sponsors. No committee. The course would not be about the builder or the builder’s homes, it would be about the agent and the solutions needed for the agent to sell more resale and new homes.

The company offered a three-hour online course, How to Build A New Homes Niche, based on Fletcher’s 30 years experience, using case studies and addressing the real needs of new home co-brokers.

His target agents would gladly invest in high-quality, relative content that was easy to access, understand, and remember.

They would finish the course, take it at their pace from any location on any device and apply what they learned.

Fletcher would be 100 percent accountable for results.

 He ensured agents could start making sales before finishing the course, that the content solved the agent’s problems, and taught them everything they needed to know to become a successful new home co-broker. The one course would be all they need.

They needed to learn that while they may sell used homes, they would be working closely with onsite agents who would make the sale.

There would be no need for one-year renewal fees. The course is based on principles and case studies. Time would not change the content.

He would include an exam certifying them as New Home Co-Brokers (NHCB) when passed. Credentials would be important. Builders would soon learn to search for the NHCB initials when bulding their co-broker networks.

Fletcher has a long history of success working with builders and new home co-brokers. He served as project manager of one of largest condominium communities in Florida, Bay Island, in St. Petersburg, Fl, was a featured speaker at a National Association of Realtors Association annual convention, wrote the book Condominium Sales and Listings, 226 pgs., Reston Publishing Company, Chaired the Florida Home Builders Association’s Sales and Marketing Council, was named a lifetime achiever by Keller Williams Realty International and was given a key to the city of St. Petersburg, Fl for his work on the city’s Economic Development Council.

Along the way, he recruited, trained, and supervised Realtor sales teams who sold over $3 billion in new homes in more than 70 communities and has contributed to Realty Times for 20 years and Inman News for 3 years.

 Today more than 6,000 Realtors have earned their new home co-broker certification. 

You may contact David at davidf@newhomecobroker.com

Office address: New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC, Suite 305, 7208 Sandlake Road, Orlando, Fl 32819 




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