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About Us

Our products and services are not about us. They are about real estate agents becoming true residential housing professionals by adding new construction to their resale listing and sales skills.

New home guru David Fletcher founded New Home Co-Broker Academy, LLC in 2016 when the Florida Real Estate Commission approved his signature course, How To Build A New Homes Niche, for three hours, online CE credit. Since then, more than 5,000 real estate sales professionals have earned their New Home Co-(NHCB) certification. 

Today the  Academy offers the same course to agents who prefer to learn the skills, but not earn the certfication. Recently, the Academy added access to its referral network to give graduates  the opportunity to refer to each other, around the nation. 

Our goal is not to see you win the 'top salesperson' award. Our goal is to help you have a professional life that matters, and that means having the financial resources to make it so. We have a strong and experienced-based conviction that general agents at all levels need to provide more than just resale services to the homebuyer, as a matter of business and professional service.

To help you better understand our culture and why How To Build A New Homes Niche is so popular, take this one-question quiz.

Which of these two agents is in your opinion the 'lifetime" achiever?

Agent A

Agent A is on the way to the podium to accept his "lifetime achiever' award. With 14-years of experience, he has worked hard, built a strong referral network, is well respected by all who know him. His wife, also a mother, is a professional manager who makes an executive salary. His kids are married and on their own. This is a big day for this agent, and he has every right to be proud of his achievement. He needed one more sale to earn the honor, and he made it!

Agent B

Agent B, a divorced mother of two young children, has been a licensed agent for four years. While she has not won any sales award, her sons know how hard she has worked, and so they think she hung the moon. She has managed to make enough sales to feed and clothe them, make the car payment, and pay the mortgage. Sure, there have been days when she had to cancel sales appointments because one of them was sick, but she did not complain. Her goal is not to become number one in the office or win any awards. Her goal is to provide for her family. She needed one more sale to make the mortgage payment this month, and lost it because her client lost out in a bidding war. She applauds Agent A as he walks by her table.

Did you choose Agent A or Agent B?

We choose Agent B. Why?

Because we know how much different one sale can make in the life of most agents. There are thousands of Agent B's fighting everyday for that must-needed next commission. They are competing for resale listings and home shoppers against incredible odds. They are fighting a losing battle most days because they don't know how nor or they encouraged to show new homes or to prospect for new home shoppers.  Why not? Because the broker or trainer does not know what to suggest.

You will get a greater appreciation for ‘results’  as you read quotes from some of our graduates and learn more about our exclusive product line and support, we provide our graduates. Enroll now. You will be glad you did.


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