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Sections 3 & 4 - How to Find the Right New Homes + How to Tour a New Home with an Onsite Agent

Sections 3 & 4 - How to Find the Right New Homes + How to Tour a New Home with an Onsite Agent

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"How to Build A New Homes Niche" Section 3: How to Find THE RIGHT New Homes  

Finding the proper new home inventory can be confusing, and we show you the "why" behind the recommended tools and strategies. This is where we introduce our long-time partner, New Home Source Professional.com, and other resources. When you add new homes to your marketable inventory, you are adding the easiest-to-sell residential real estate in the United States.

"How to Build A New Homes Niche" Section 4: How To Tour A New Home With An Onsite Agent

"I get so nervous showing new homes, and I cannot quit talking." You are never closer to the money than when an onsite agent is touring your prospects. Especially when you let the onsite agent do the talking. The builder pays you to do one thing, which he or she cannot do for herself.

We take you step-by-step through the right way from the perspective of the buyer, the onsite sales consultant, and you. Agents have done it wrong for years because they are not trained to do it right! 


You may take the course online from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You can enroll immediately.

  • Complete the course at your own pace. If you log out, you can start again where you left off.

  • You'll have six months of online access to the course, so you can return anytime during that time to freshen your knowledge and skills.

  • Each section has a quiz to help you retain what you've just learned.
  • You are free to move within sections and between slides as you wish.

  • Content is based on demographic data, case studies, and David Fletcher's 30+ years as the listing broker of record for more than 70 new home communities.


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