David Fletcher

Founder, CEO New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

Affordable New Home Sales Training for More Than 6,000 Realtors

Tell me about my training plan

Once you log in to start taking your course, you will be automatically taken to your training plan every time you log in.

Here you will be able to:

  1. Track your starting dates and times
  2. Pick up where you left off the last time you were taking the course
  3. See how many times you have accessed the course
  4. See ow long you spend and spent on different couse sections
  5. See the passing grade for your exam and the grade you make on the exam
  6. See copies of your exam including which questions you missed (but not the answers).
  7. See a list of courses you are taking and have completed and where you are in each course
  8. After passing the exam, a button show up to click to download your certificate
  9. Download logo's to use on your website, social media and more.  
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