David Fletcher

Founder, CEO New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

Affordable New Home Sales Training for More Than 6,000 Realtors

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I am taking this course because you would build my website.

David Fletcher

We are not web people.The agent was confused about what our site did and what her subscription service was offering. ...

My course stopped for two minutes and restarted. I'm good.

David Fletcher

Our 'second level' tech support tells us that there is a problem in the internet system, probably. And it needs time...

How can I use the logos?

David Fletcher

Quick answer: Any way your broker allows. We see agents using the logos on their yard signs, business cards, website...

How do I get the NHCB logos?

David Fletcher

Simple.ย  Go to your training plan and you will see your exam score. If you passed, you will see two more buttons: Do...

What is "Next Steps?"

David Fletcher

Next Steps is a .pdf document with a marketing strategies, links and tips to help you market your brand as a New Hom...

How often do you submit names of those who passed the exam for Florida CE credit?

David Fletcher

If you completed the 'live' version of the course, we submit within 10 days of the seminar. If you completed the onli...

I failed the exam the first time. How do I retake it?

David Fletcher

You will see your score and the fact that you did not pass the exam. You may retake the exam, with different question...

How many times may I take the exam without having to retake the course?

David Fletcher

Twice. Passing score is 80. You will be notified instantly if you passed or failed the exam. If you fail it you make ...

Is the exam open book?

David Fletcher

No. And there is no review. The course is timed and presented sequentially. No backing up. We take the New Home Co-Br...

What does our exam score help you understand?

David Fletcher

Thank you for asking this question. We need to be clear here. This is not a test to see how good you are at taking a...

How many questions?

David Fletcher

The exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions. You can miss 4, to get a passing grade of 80. There is nothing 'ge...

What your training plan shows

David Fletcher

Your Training Plan shows all the learning activities assigned to you.ย  The list includes sections of the course you ...
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