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What Happens If Price Increases Before Contract?

David Fletcher

This is one of those types of scenarios that gets around the real estate broker circuit that makes the builder look b...

New Home Prices Move Up Quickly In A "Rising Market"

David Fletcher

This blog addresses something Realtors like to use to sell resales, but resist when new homes do the same thing: Sell the possibility of prices going up (which is a real possibility in rising markets).

Why New Home Fixed Pricing Is Such A Paradox

David Fletcher

If there is one thing Realtors are not trained to do, is sell a resale for the price it is listed. They are trained to negotiate real estate sales prices, and the fact that the base sales price of a new home is fixed, is a serious deterrent to them farming for new home shoppers, much less learning how to convert renovation-resistant resale shoppers to new homes, which about 40 per cent of last years new homes buyers did, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Where It All Began For Me

David Fletcher

Realtors don't need to learn construction. They need to learn to let the onsite professional do their job.

Two Big Misconceptions Costing Realtors Thousands

David Fletcher

The good thing about not working with prospects you never meet is that a Realtor can never be disappointed or rejecte...

What Training Directors Should Be Teaching About Showing New Homes

David Fletcher

So, one of the first things Realtors need to learn is how to become sensitive to the renovation shopper who is having trouble making a buying decision. 

Why Realtors Don't Sell New Homes

David Fletcher

The two biggest reasons 50% of all Realtors don't get involved with selling new homes according to a study commissioned by Builder Homesite that surveyed 3,009 Realtors: 1. Fixed price - Realtors are trained to negotiate price and feel that this is one of the most important services they offer the buyer. 2. They can't get comfortable with finding inventory.

NHCB Course Proving Profitable

David Fletcher

There is nothing like sharing an idea with your audience and getting feedback within two days that they tried it and ...

Survey Results: How To Find New Home Inventory #1

David Fletcher

In a seminar that drew 62 Realtors predisoposed to working with new home shoppers, 48 responded to a survey to measur...

Why The Onsite Agent Is Your Best Friend

David Fletcher

In a recent How To Build A New Homes Niche live seminar, the 53 Realtors in attendance were asked what they learned m...

New Homes Provide "Price Baseline"

David Fletcher

It's no secret to some that New Home Co-Broker Academy is carrying the flag to change the Realtor/Builder culture by ...

You Should Be Selling Pre-Construction Homes

David Fletcher

Preconstruction sales provide listing opportunities that would not otherwise exist, and pending commissions that you might have missed. Realtor Mary Carpousis knows the difference.
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