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What Is New Home Sales Training?

A 2013 study commissioned by Builder Homesite Inc showed that 65% of the 3009 Realtors interviewed said build broker training was ineffective.And a piece showed up in Builder.com that said some of the 15 things Realtors Want Builders to know, which proved that Realtors are not trained, and therefore qualified, to tell homebuilders what they should know. 

What makes this such a sad story, is that new home shoppers are looking to Realtors for advice and help to get through the home buying process, be it a new home or resale of a used one.

My next few blogs are going to address what is referred to as 'blunder that real estate agents see builders make, to help Realtors and Builders that these are not random blunders. Most could have been written 50 years ago. Neither has addressed what to do about it. 

1. Price - Realtors don't know why new home prices go up so fast in rising markets. There is a reason for this, tied to momentum. We will explain this in more detail and address other issues such as preferred lenders, why builders use their contracts and more. 

 Stay tuned.

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  • Great class today @ Providence, David!
    Thank you, 🕊🏡🔑👍🏻

    Brenda Straub

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