Realtors: New Home Construction is Not Going Away. Become A Certified New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) today.

What are The Benefits of Working With A Certified New Home Co-Broker?

Certified new home cobrokers are trained and tested to prove they understand:

1. How to go beyond MLS to find the right new home inventory.

2. How to represent new home shoppers while being paid by the builder. 

3. They know how to maximize incentives and how to give you full control of your onsite tours. 

4. They know how to ask questions on your behalf that you did not know to ask when dealing with onsite agents.

5. They know how list and sell or refer your home to help you move into your newly constructed home. 

6. They know how to make sure your construction questions are answered by the builder or the builder's representative. 

7. They don't have to sell you the new home you just toured, like the onsite agent must. They understand that their responsibility it to help you find the right home for you, be it a resale or a new home.

Be sure to ask your resale general agent how they go about addressing the above practices.  If you are not satisfied with their answer, search NHCB in your destination market, and hopefully meet an agent who can represent you at a high level, be it a new home or a resale. 


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