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NHCB Course Proving Profitable

There is nothing like sharing an idea with your audience and getting feedback within two days that they tried it and it resulted in a sale, especially when the suggestion is so simple and costs nothing. 

A recent graduate of our monthly seminars at Providence Development, the master planned community that saw co-broker sales explode in 2016 from 20% to 80% among its five builders, reported this success story and wanted to thank me for the idea. 

He called to say that he sold one of the builder's homes two days after the seminar to a couple he had been working with for weeks. And he said he did exactly what he was taught to do. When asked what that might be, he answered, "I kept my mouth shut and let the onsite sales consultant do the selling." 

LIke we teach, 'to know and not to do is not to know." This agent did what he knew to do, but "had never heard 'keep your mouth shut' to be a sales strategy."

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