Realtors: New Home Construction is Not Going Away. Become A Certified New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) today.

Boost Your Credibility To Build A New Homes Niche

We know of another certification or designation course that provides the marketing support we provide our graduates. And because our course is exclusively written to help graduates start making sales immediately, it makes sense that we would pass along a few ideas we know work.

In just 15 minutes or so, you can establish your NHCB credentials and market your expertise in new home sales. Follow this checklist:

1. We have written answers to questions we know your new home shoppers have regarding your certification. Visit the blog and share links to posts that highlight the benefits of working with an NHCB certified agent.

2. Get inspired by searching for ‘NHCB’ on social media and see how our graduates are showcasing their expertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google.

3. Download your certificate and take a photo of it to keep on your phone - it’s a handy way to prove your credentials on the go.

4. Add the NHCB logo to your marketing materials and be sure to include the letters ‘NHCB’ after your name. Home shoppers are increasingly using search engines to find agents with new home expertise, so make sure you’re easy to find.

Follow the steps in this checklist and you’ll be well on your way to marketing your new home sales credentials. 

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