How To Find New Homes Inventory "Most Helpful"

by David Fletcher May 30, 2016

In a seminar that drew 62 Realtors predisoposed to working with new home shoppers, 48 responded to a survey to measure what they thought were the most helpful of the five topics discussed.

They were instructed to circle as many of the five topics apply to their learning experience

Results are as follows:

How To Find New Homes Inventory    83%

How To Team Up With New Home Sales Consultants 73%

How To Find New Home Buyers  63%



 How To Establish A Price Baseline  60% 

 How To Show New Homes 54%  

Why do you think Finding New Homes Inventory finished so high in the rankings?     




David Fletcher
David Fletcher


Founder David Fletcher has written an all-in, left-it-all-on-the field real estate course for general real estate agents who want to become effective new home co-brokers without learning construc tion or becoming experts on new homes. They want to continue to be experts on meeting the needs of their home shoppers, especially those who will consider new homes. David combines market research, case studies and his 30 years experience as a new homes broker in this 3 hour online course. Graduates join more than 700 Realtors who have earned the New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) designation. A 20-question exam must be passed with a score of 80. Upon passing the course you may download your certificate.

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