New Homes Provide Price Baseline

by David Fletcher April 30, 2016

It's no secret to some that New Home Co-Broker Academy is carrying the flag to change the Realtor/Builder culture by offering education through the eyes of a co-broker, not a builder.

We say things as a real estate broker speaking to real estate agents, that homebulders could never say to them. But more importantly our new homes sales content relates to the general agents fears, more than the features and benefits of the type of material a builder is using in his homes.

In 2013 BHI commissioned a study to find out why Realtors resisted showing new homes. The study surveyed 3003 Realtors.

Surprisingly, sixty three percent  said they found builder training to be ineffective. Fifty percent said they would like to show new homes, but don’t. One of the reasons given was that builders don’t negotiate price. What Realtors, who are trained to negotiate price, don’t understand is that a fixed price gives their prospects a way to see, touch and feel exactly what they can get for their money.

And this, in turn, gives the prospect a way to better evaluate resale prices, leading the buyer to make a faster offer with confidence, be it for a resale or a new home. There is no other way to provide this important service to the home shopper.

Don’t believe me? The next time your prospect wants to ‘see more homes’ show them a new home in the price range of the resales they are shopping and see how fast they make a decision to buy, whether it be for a new home or a resale.

What’s your opinion?

David Fletcher
David Fletcher


Founder David Fletcher has written an all-in, left-it-all-on-the field real estate course for general real estate agents who want to become effective new home co-brokers without learning construc tion or becoming experts on new homes. They want to continue to be experts on meeting the needs of their home shoppers, especially those who will consider new homes. David combines market research, case studies and his 30 years experience as a new homes broker in this 3 hour online course. Graduates join more than 700 Realtors who have earned the New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) designation. A 20-question exam must be passed with a score of 80. Upon passing the course you may download your certificate.

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