Real Estate Agents Should Be Selling Pre-Construction Homes

by David Fletcher April 30, 2016

Realtor Mary Carpousis says, “I cannot imagine why real estate agents don’t like to sell pre-construction homes.  Of course I'd rather get paid sooner, rather than later, as in the case of a pre-construction home. But, I can tell you that a pre-construction sale beats not making a sale at all. "

Mary continues, "By making a real commitment to serve all residential buyers, be they for resale, new home inventory or pre-sale, the way I do business has changed for the much better. In the last 112 months, I have sold or closed ten  new homes, have three pre-builds under construction, and more coming down the pipeline. I can actually plan on taking some time off, in the months they are scheduled to close, whether I have other closings or not."

Preconstruction closings gives Mary sales should would have missed, plus a closing schedule that helps her project cash flow.

Myers Barnes, arguably one the best sales strategist in the business, says that there is no such thing as a bad month for commission sales agents. There are always two bad months. The month you did not sell, and the month the home you should have sold would have closed. What better fend off those bad months, than filling them with preconstruction sales? 


David Fletcher
David Fletcher


Founder David Fletcher has written an all-in, left-it-all-on-the field real estate course for general real estate agents who want to become effective new home co-brokers without learning construc tion or becoming experts on new homes. They want to continue to be experts on meeting the needs of their home shoppers, especially those who will consider new homes. David combines market research, case studies and his 30 years experience as a new homes broker in this 3 hour online course. Graduates join more than 700 Realtors who have earned the New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) designation. A 20-question exam must be passed with a score of 80. Upon passing the course you may download your certificate.

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