David Fletcher

Founder, CEO New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

Affordable Certified New Home Sales Training For Real Estate Agents.

Small Volume Home Builders Must Meet The Co-Broker Challenge First

David Fletcher

Local or small volume homebuilders need to understand the money, especially the cost of lower than projected absorption rates. This blog gives an example of what co-broker commissions and incentives really costs.   

Local Homebulders Face Realtor Headwinds Created by Production Builders

David Fletcher

Attention, small volume (local) homebuilders. Your competition is not the builder across the street. Your more severe...

How To Build A New Homes Niche - Live, FREE 3-hour seminar Davenport, Fl

David Fletcher

For the 17th time in the last 18 months, ABD Developers is sponsoring the 3-hour seminar that helps Florida real esta...

The # 1 Reason You Should Show A New Home First? You Will Sell More Resales If You Do.

David Fletcher

If you want to close more resales, show a new home model first. Guaranteed. If you're going to sell more new homes, s...

Condominiums Are Coming Back! Can Rental Conversions Be Far Behind?

David Fletcher

Condominiums are coming back because large numbers of home shoppers can no longer afford or qualify for a single-fami...

When to Show New Homes to Resale Buyers

David Fletcher

More home shoppers today will consider a new home. Is that a surprise? Is it true? Does this mean that more home shop...

Why Real Estate Agents Should Consider The New Home Market

David Fletcher

Last year, about 5.6 million homes were sold in the resale market and close to a million were newly constructed homes...

You Don't Need To Know Construction To Sell New Homes

David Fletcher

Think licensed home inspectors. Will the home builders you are working with allow your buyer to bring in a home inspe...

Providence Co-Broker Sales Grow From 20% to 80%

David Fletcher

Davenport, Fl -  Florida land developer and home builder, ABD Development, is pioneering an unusual approach to helpi...

A Costly Myth About Prospect Registration

David Fletcher

  If your prospect for a new home visited a builder without a Realtor and wanted to revisit the builder’s model cent...

Builder Contracts Should Not Make You Nervous

David Fletcher

Some Realtors feel that the builder should use the Realtors contract. There are good reasons they don't.  As a real e...

What Happens If Price Increases Before Contract?

David Fletcher

This is one of those types of scenarios that gets around the real estate broker circuit that makes the builder look b...
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